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Don't Get Ratioed by Your Diet: Find Your Macro Balance

In this era of sound bites, microthemes, and snippets that claim to have the answers to all that ails us, things can quickly get very confusing...especially when it comes to nutrition. While there may be truth in much of the information out there, in some cases it may be more anecdotal than scientifically substantiated, leaving many people feeling not only frustrated, but experiencing even more pain and discomfort. In addition to feeling worse, people have often invested a lot of money in these "quick fix" schemes that worked for some social media personality, but do not take into account the complexities of each of our body's unique composition.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have the safest way to health.” – Hippocrates

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Wellness Through Balancing Macros


Macronutrients and You

Each of our bodies are super complex systems which need the same things, but learning to balance macros is critical for wellness.

At the microscopic level, the human body is composed of chemicals. Those chemicals, form cells, those cells form tissues, those tissues form organs and those organs, organ systems, and those organ systems work together to make up the human body. The human body requires air, water, food (an energy source), and shelter in order to sustain life. Our bodies are supplied energy from three food sources called macronutrients: protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

I have seen people recommend low protein diets, and I have known people whose diets consist solely of protein. For years, we were told that all fat is unhealthy and contributes to disease and premature death, and then recently there was the movement towards a high fat diet. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the low carb market value in 2021 was worth just under 11 billion dollars. Believe it or not, in 2021, there was buzz around how diets high in carbohydrates help promote weight-loss.

Obviously, these recommendations, even with scientific studies backing them, cannot be universally true, so what does one do? The short term effects from any of these rather extreme dietary shifts may initially seem positive, however it will not take long before the negative feedback begins. Our bodies need to be supplied with individually balanced amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates for proper function. But what does it look like to balance macros, and more importantly, how do you find your macronutrient balance? How much protein is right for you? Should you cut your carb intake, and if so, how much? Why have you not been seeing the benefits of the low-fat diet you've been suffering through?

Thankfully, our bodies are continually communicating the answers to us if we learn how to listen and discern it's messages. There are three main areas of function to which we can look to learn what our bodies are telling us about our dietary choices.

Your body is in balance if you:
  • feel satisfied

  • are free from cravings

  • can wait until your next meal to eat

Your body is being ratioed if you:
  • aren't satisfied, even if you feel physically full

  • crave something sweet

  • need to eat between meals

Your body is in balance if you:
  • feel energized

  • feel strengthened

  • feel well

Your body is being ratioed if you:
  • experience fatigue, sleepiness, low energy

  • experience feeling anxiousness or jittery

  • experience high energy on the surface, but low energy inside


Mental and Emotional:
Your body is in balance if you:
  • feel emotionally balanced

  • feel restored

  • feel clearheaded

Your body is being ratioed if you:
  • feel spacey or sluggish

  • feel as if your thoughts are clouded

  • feel unable to focus

  • feel sad or depressed

  • experience racing of the mind

  • experience anxiety or irritability

No two people are identical in their macronutrient needs for balance. What's more, what your body may need today is likely different from what it needed 5 years ago and will be yet again different 5 years from today. This is why is important to start learning today what your body is telling you, so you can either do more of the same or make shifts and adjustments to the levels of carbs, healthy fats, and proteins you are eating. Remember that they work together to provide your body the energy it needs to function properly, attain, and remain in balance. When it comes to the body, balance = wellness.


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