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Living a Fabulous Life After 40

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Finding Balance and Wellness

Something beautiful happens to a woman when she turns 40. She experiences a liberation of sorts and comes into her own. She is less concerned with what others think of her and begins to value herself a bit more. Her priorities shift and she starts to tune into herself and pay attention to her own needs, and not a moment too soon, because her body is about to go through many unexpected, often unwelcome changes and the years of self-neglect are about to catch up to her (Best Life 2020).

Instead of enjoying her new found liberation, the average woman over 40 is weighed down by discomfort from poor digestion, confusion and brain fog, losing battles with weight loss, off-the-rails anxiety, low energy and fatigue, but still can’t sleep well. Her muscles and joints are aching, hormones are raging, bladder is failing and her appearance is changing. There is often a growing feeling of helplessness that comes with these physical experiences that really fight against the beauty that takes place in a woman over forty’s soul.

"A woman does not become interesting until after she is over 40."

-Coco Chanel


Getting the support needed for optimal wellness

You should be in the driver's seat of your wellness journey

It can be scary and frustrating because there are a thousand conflicting voices in front of her providing quick fix solutions, but they are often radical, unsustainable, undesirable, unaffordable, and even at times, unsafe. Thanks to the power of advertising, most women are not surprised to learn the importance of daily vitamin and mineral intake. However, many are frustrated when after spending a lot of money on the latest vitamin that they were told they "had to have," they still don't feel any better. They are often shocked to learn most of us can attain optimal wellness by eating quality whole foods that are full of nutrients and have been prepared properly.

While that is great news, it still doesn’t answer the question so many are asking, “What should I be eating?” With different experts recommending different diets—Paleo, Keto, Vegan, etc, how do you know which is right for you? As you probably already suspect, there is no one diet that is perfect for you. Your diet needs to be as dynamic and individual—bio-individual, as you.



Why Work with Me?

Informed by your self-reported history, experiences, diet, and lifestyle, based on your concerns about your health and your wellness goals, and focusing on the five foundations of health, I partner with you to teach you to read your body's signals, and decode the messages it is sending. I will equip you to craft your wellness plan and support you on your optimal wellness journey. By empowering you through knowledge about what your body requires on a cellular level and which foods to get it from, while helping you reconnect with and learn how to listen to your body’s cues, you can more fully enjoy this season of life. What's more, you can begin building toward a better future, today.


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Wow! The way you wrote everything was amazing! I am sure you will bless many people and I am excited to join you! Amazing work! ☺️

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