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I am an affiliate with Verefina, a company that makes high-quality, natural personal care and DIY cleaning products. Verefina’s founder started the company because she was concerned about the number of unsafe ingredients used in most personal care products. She could not find suitable alternatives, so she started making her own products.

About six years ago, I began to educate myself about the safety of personal care products. I was surprised to learn that not all “natural” body care products are particularly safe or natural. When I first learned about Verefina, I was impressed by the ingredients they were using. I could immediately see that they were committed to making truly healthy products. That’s why I decided to become an affiliate: I love the products, and I love sharing them with others. In addition to being an affiliate, I also write regular posts for Verefina’s blog.

Verefina’s products have been evaluated by the Environmental Working Group. The EWG’s Cosmetics Database ranks cosmetics and personal care products on a scale from 0 to 10. Products that rank from 0 to 2 have a low hazard; those that are ranked from 3 to 6 have a moderate hazard; and those that are ranked from 7 to 10 represent a high hazard. All of Verefina’s products are rated 2 or below. To search for Verefina’s products on the EWG’s Cosmetics Database, click here.

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To view the full catalog, please visit Verefina’s site.

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